Mike Lambert


Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar,

Mandolin, Backing Vocals




Two life changing events happened to Mike at an early age. In 1969, a 6 year old watched Glen Campbell and became enamored with the guitar and the idea of being a performer. In the summer of 1976, Mike traded a catcher’s mitt to a cousin for a copy of Led Zeppelin IV. About this time he began playing guitar and learning the nuances of the instrument. In 1984, Mike began a period of deep discovery of the music and mythos of Led Zeppelin.  In the study of Jimmy Page’s style, he reached back to the blues and folk influences that shaped the band.  Since then, Mike has developed a appreciation for all types of music, and has been performing in the variety band Spare Parts for almost 20 years. Mike is a songwriter and contributed several songs for originals-band August 83, featured on their CD “Music From Bedrooms”. Mike formed Whole Lotta Led in 2012 after the band performed at a benefit concert; this event has since become “The Gift Remains The Same: The Concert for Child Advocates